Gem Fisher


gem fisher qualified aromatherapist and hypnobirth teacherHi, I’m Gem Fisher founder of Natural Way Therapies,

I am a holistic therapist, this means I take the whole person into consideration in my treatments, mind, body and spirit. By spirit I mean the more subtle workings of the body, the aura, chakra and meridian systems, the higher subconscious or soul connection. I use aromatherapy, massage, sound healing, hypnosis & meditation techniques for relaxation & fear release, allowing you the space to heal, gain greater clarity and move forward along your path with a positive calm mind set. I am always looking for new ways to improve on my treatments and give my clients all the help they need in their healing journey, I have already spent 11 years learning and studying so far and there is still so much more I wish to learn so I can continue helping more people. My passion is supporting people as they make the changes needed to live with emotional freedom, releasing the past and accepting the present with an open heart, a lot of these changes happen with you taking steps to release and embrace a new way of thinking and being, although this is a life journey having a balanced energy system can be an invaluable support and I can help with that.

I am a member of the Hypnobirthing association and Aromatherapy and Allied practitioners Association (AAPA) this shows that I am qualified to a recognized standard and that I am governed by a code of practice ensuring  that I work to a high professional standard.  Aromatherapy and massage is not regulated in the UK so technically anyone can work as a therapist without needing to be trained by a recognized school, which is why when you are looking for a therapist it is advisable you choose a one that is registered with one of the professional associations such as the CNHC and the AAPA who have a register of qualified professional therapists whom have to match the criteria in order to be registered so you can be confident your therapist is fully trained and competent.