making a tincture with clary sage

Making Clary Sage tincture is very simple you will need;

  • An air tight glass jar
  • unbleached coffee filters
  • A sieve
  • A jug
  • 100% proof vodka or as close as you can get
  • brown glass dropper bottles to store in
  • A Glass bowl

First prepare the Clary Sage for use, it is very sticky so cleaning it as best you can of bugs and animal hair would be a good thing to do, once prepared put the Clary Sage in the Jar, you may have to cut it to fit, then cover the Clary Sage with the vodka nearly to the top of the jar, store in a cool dark place for two weeks shaking twice a day, one the Clary Sage is ready pour into your bowl through a sieve keeping the liquid and discarding the Clary Sage, filter the tincture through a filter paper, you may want to do this twice and collect in the jug, lastly bottle up in brown glass dropper bottles and its ready for use.

Dosage tends to be;1 tsp for adults, 10-20 drops children- either added to water or taken straight down.

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Asthma and Aromatherapy

Just a quick blog today, I have a client coming to see me this week with Asthma so I thought I would talk a little on oils that you could use to help with this condition. Asthma is a chronic condition which causes inflammation of the airways and lungs, causing tightness, coughing and breathlessness, asthma attacks are an exaggeration of the symptoms and are often triggered by an allergic reaction to air pollutants. The oils I would use to treat asthma are those with anti-inflammatory, allergy calming, anti- spasmodic, decongestant and expectorant properties to open and calm the air ways and help clear any mucus. Tea tree and Eucalyptus are expectorants and will clear the chest of any mucus, Cedar wood, and Thyme can really fortify the respiratory system which is a good preventative against infection, frankincense and peppermint open the air ways and calm the muscle spasms, and lastly Bergamot, Chamomile and Lavender are anti-spasmodics, anti-inflammatory and sedative easing anxiety calming the asthmatics nervous system.

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Harvesting medicinal plants for drying ‘August 2015’

Clary SageToday I have been working with the glorious Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea), this is one of my favourite herbs,Clary Sage smells deeply heady and musky and has a euphoric effect on the senses, it has a long history as a medicinal herb, in physical terms its used for the female reproductive system for mood swings, cramps and hot flushes, it is great for easing anxiety, tension headaches and muscular pains. Clary Sage works with the third eye chakra and it’s heady scent aids with psychic visioning, put a few drops on your pillow or some of the fresh plant under your pillow for lucid dreaming or place some of the diluted essential oil on you third eye for clearer insight, Clary Sage is very intoxicating so it increases the potency of other drugs and also alcohol so be careful, hung in the home it protects and balances the energy and brings a calming scent. Today I have harvested the flowers for drying, it’s a bit late but I was really enjoying watching the bees making the most of it and it looked so beautiful, I also used some of the bracts to make a clary sage tincture, I’m looking forward to using that in a couple of weeks. All in all with harvesting my clary sage and sorting my previously dried chamomile and pelargonium it has been a very busy day 😊Blessings to you all Gem x

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Healing properties of the humble chamomile

My herb of the week is chamomile we all know its great to use on blond hair as a pick me up and chamomile tea is great for calming the mind and aiding sleep, but chamomile has so much more to offer, its great for relieving digestive issues as well as menstrual cramps, being a very mild oil it is great for use on fretful children to ease colic and tooth ache,also it aids in the production of leucocytes there for great to use for tackling viruses, soothes vaginal irritation and mastitis in the later stages of pregnancy, great for treating inflammation so invaluable for treating any skin condition or wound, its also anti allergenic so add a couple of drops on a tissue with a couple of drops of lemon oil to ease hay fever.

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