hypnobirth mother and babyPregnancy is a very important time in a woman’s life, a time of many changes and much personal growth and discovery, it should be filled with love and positivity.

Being in a nurturing environment is extremely important to the health and well being of your baby, you see our brains absorb beliefs and experiences like a sponge and whatever information it stores effects our every day lives by affecting our behaviour, actions, emotions and our bodies physical reactions to certain situations. For instance when we are surrounded by negative birth experiences our mind  stores those and it makes us worry and fear about things that are very unlikely to happen, in fact by worrying we are putting our bodies under stress possibly creating the problems we want to avoid.

When we are scared our body tenses and many other physical changes happen inside our body reacting to the fear – Our bodies are not designed to birth under  the control of fear and our bodies can’t birth effectively when we are fearful – Fear brings tension which brings pain which brings more fear and so it goes on.

HypnoBirth uses simple effective techniques that helps you  reconnect  with your inner knowing and belief in your ability to have the birth that’s right for you and your baby filling you with confidence and a calm positivity in the approaching birth.

  • learn deep relaxation breathing techniques, visualisation exercises and birth affirmations to keep you calm and positive
  • massage techniques taught to the birth partner to release hormones called endorphins- your bodies natural anaesthetic
  • complete antenatal preparation- guiding you to achieve the birth you want
  • on the course you receive the KG Hypnobirthing book, the colour and calm relaxation HypnoBirth CD, and the KG HypnoBirth course folder

KG HypnoBirth teaches simple techniques that have a profound effect on the way you birth, enabling you to have an empowering birth experience you’ll cherish forever’.

The full course of 4 two and  half hour sessions is £295.KG Hypnobirthing

Complete Antenatal AudioThe highly acclaimed Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves is available accompanied by the 3 CD Complete Hypnobirthing Audio Collection for £30, plus post and packing.  Please contact me for details.