wellness masage

Massage is a wonderful addition to a healthy lifestyle; it increases circulation bringing new oxygenated blood to the skin bringing a radiant glow; it increases the body’s toxin removal helping the immune and digestive systems to work more effectively improving nutrient absorption and decreasing the risk of fluid retention.

The oils I use are natural organic cold pressed vegetable oils which are rich in nutrients and fatty acids and have nothing added.

Many people benefit from massage and when used regularly can really optimise your health.

pregnancy massage

Pregnancy Massage

Using massage in pregnancy is a great way to optimise your health during the antenatal period.

An increase in the hormones progesterone and relaxin can make you uncomfortable in your back and pelvis and the weight of the growing baby can cause tension and strain to build up in these areas; progesterone is also considered responsible for the retention of fluid some women experience.

Pregnancy massage not only eases aches and pains, bringing a suppleness to tense muscles, but it improves circulation and toxin elimination and eases fluid retention

The soothing  touch of massage calms the mind and gives you that moment of pampering.  Giving yourself permission to relax in this supportive environment gives you space in your life to fully connect and be present with your baby.

Prices for massage start from only £25 for half an hour.  Contact us for more details.